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logos, eros, cosmos - cover art | by yugenro
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logos, eros, cosmos - cover art

This was the cover art for my album "logos, eros, cosmos," which was created as the capstone project for my Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, in May 1996.


The project's theme was the unification of all opposites and seeming paradoxes in my life up to that point. The drawing of the brain contrasts with, balances, and complements the photograph of the heart, by their being conjoined in a sort of yin-yang fashion. The brain is drawn because the function of the brain is to abstractize, to interface physical reality with our minds, to render in the imagination, to separate reality into intellectually-comprehensible bits. The heart is photographed because the function of the heart is to sense physical reality, to act as interface between our abstracting mind and our sensing physical senses, to feel the world, and to directly experience the whole of time-and-space.


The two halves are unified into one whole, symbolizing their complementarity: how they each serve a purpose in the wholeness of human existence.


The stick figures of the male and female humans, rendered in all the colors of the rainbow and supporting each other in opposite directions , represents another set of complimentary opposites, which, when joined, complete each other.


And finally, the infinitesimally-small is represented by the nuclear particle-collider bubble-trails, which are the tracks that subatomic particles leave upon being smashed together at near-light-speed, while the infinitely-large is represented as the canvas upon which the entire composition is held.

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Taken on May 1, 1996