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Xray-Keith-Spondylosis-1.jpg | by yugenro
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Here is an X-ray of my L5 vertebra/sacrum, showing the forward misalignment of the L5, which is pinching my sciatic nerve. Explains why my legs go numb and hurt after 5-10 minutes of standing/walking. This was taken Oct 10, 2009.


I have 2nd degree (out of 4) Lumbar Spondylosis:


It's the degeneration of the joints BETWEEN the vertebrae; the sciatic nerve exits the spinal cord right there between L5 and the sacrum; the misalignment between the L5 and sacrum means that there is only about half the space it shd normally have and is thus being pinched/squeezed into that halfspace.


It's probably been 1st degree for a couple decades, which cd explain why I've always LOVED yogic stretching of my low back/hips/hamstrings. During our wreck of April 16, 2009, it must have been jarred into the next degree, which wd explain why my legs+feet go numb really quickly since that time...

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Taken on February 21, 2010