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    L ever remain so; I adopt with
    all the powers of my soul the decisions of our holy Mother Church; I am

    not mistress of my faith, but I am of my will, which I submit to you without reserve; I will endeavor to believe all,--what can you require more?" Had there been no Christian morality established, I am persuaded she would have lived as if regulated by its principles, so perfectly

    did they seem to accord with her disposition.

    She did everything that was required;
    and she would have done the same had there been no such requisition: but all this morality was subordinate to the principles of M. Tavel, or rather she pretended to see nothing in religion that contradicted them; thus she would have favored twenty lovers in a day, without any idea of a crime, her conscience

    being no more moved in
    that particular than her passions. I know that a number of devotees
    are not more scrupulous, but the difference is, they are seduced by constitution, she was blinded by her sophisms. In the midst of conversations the most affecting, I might say the most edifying, she would touch on this subject, without any change of air or manner, and without being sensible of
    any contradiction in her
    opinions; so much was she persuaded that our restrictions on that head are merely political, and that any
    person of sense might interpret, apply, or make exceptions to them, without any danger of offending the Almighty. Though I was far enough
    from being of the same opinion in this particular, I confess I dared not

    combat hers; indeed, as I was situated, it would have been putting myself in rather awkward

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