Baby Toss


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Disclaimer – Don’t do this with real kids!


If you're upset about this shot, well I had to do something simple and fun for god's sake!

  • cfoxtrot 7y

    Woa, Scared me for a minute!
  • Matthew Cook 7y

    and now for something completely different; excellent!
  • Laura Dyszynski 7y

    totally thought it was a real kid from the thumbnail and i said "wicked" aloud. i am a little disappointed now.
  • AR1246 7y

    Man..... For a moment I thought this was a real baby! Well shot!!!
  • Subtle Mistakes 7y

    Holy cow, you had us there for a sec, awesome!
  • Lee Parks 7y

    ahahha. nice. I was looking at the thumbnail and I was like, "wtf??" lol
  • afranguinha 7y

    totally agree with peaceful traveller! love this! :-)
  • melodysr 7y

    so is that where i went wrong with my kid????? =-)
    too funny-you really pulled it off!
  • My Eye PRO 7y

    nice :) so cute
  • Gerald Zinnecker PRO 7y

    A cool and funny shot!
  • Victor 7y

    Great shot.
  • ¥∑Ñ$kŸ 7y

    I thought that was a real baby from the thumbnail too! You scared us Shane.
  • Dave Manning PRO 7y

    oh-oh-oh,do a a midget.
  • 7y

    Add me to the gotcha list!
  • Murad Hassan® 7y

    hahaha man this seems fun and i mean wth a toy baby :p
  • Alanna St. Laurent 7y

    That is so freakin' funny! Creative shot.
  • Dylan Hartmann PRO 7y

  • David 6y

    LOL! Great idea!

    For a photo, that is. Not with real kids. That would be wrong.
  • Kressara 6y

    im one of many who thought that this picture was a real baby. lol.
  • Libeweb 5y


    we've published this photo on the website of the French daily newspaper Liberation, as it's permitted by the Creative Commons contract you've chosen.
    You'll find this picture right here:

    Thanks a lot for your work,
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