• our garden plan from THREE years ago. Ha!
  • a way-too-tall-to-be-climbing-on stool. I think we need helmets.
  • Nice pants... :) - bellablue
  • hee! I love them! Thank you for her sushi pants!!

busted, part one

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  1. Bird in the Hand ages ago | reply

    oh my god. what a little sneaky one!! i love the look on her face.

  2. dep ages ago | reply

    so wonderful :)

    how adorable and independent of her!


    this is a classic, amanda :)

  3. all buttoned up ages ago | reply

    with skills like that she can start pulling her weight around the house. you know, putting away groceries, laundry, making dinner...

  4. SouleMama ages ago | reply

    Melissa - she unloads the dishwasher! ;)

  5. all buttoned up ages ago | reply

    i gotta get sam up to speed.

  6. Small Fox in a Big World ages ago | reply

    I love how she's all, "What? I do this all the time."

  7. aspenglow ages ago | reply

    this reminds me of when my sister was little - we had to keep all of the kitchen chairs/stools ON the kitchen table so she wouldn't climb on everything... except one day someone left one down and my mom found her 10month old baby standing on a chair on top of the table!

  8. ThePaperPrincess ages ago | reply

    quite the resourceful, agile little gal! =)

  9. lavender. ages ago | reply

    My little girl do the same.

  10. branidebee ages ago | reply

    awesome! i am so glad you got the camera before dismantling the situation!

  11. Jeremi76 ages ago | reply

    What a S T I N K E R!

  12. Penny Sanford Porcelains ages ago | reply

    Oh My Goodness! I would have had a stroke from fear over possible injury! What a look on her face!!!!

  13. Katey Nicosia ages ago | reply

    ahh! I did the exact same thing when I was around the same age, only it was to get a glass bottle of grape juice, which I dropped and then fell onto and cut my whole hand open. I still have a huge scar. Sneaky sneaky tots!

  14. {TheWeightOfDreams} ages ago | reply

    she's very engenious! : )

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