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    bedtime stories

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    1. nicole | the habit of being ages ago | reply

      i love this sweetie & her cat.
      have a happy new year! xo

    2. marthasnail ages ago | reply

      this is the sweetest!

    3. greenclogs ages ago | reply

      I love the communication between the sweet babe and the cat.

    4. Mrs Hammerwig ages ago | reply

      They say when a cat has its eyes closed, their heart is smiling. It looks like Banjo has true love for that little girl. Beautiful photo...

    5. dite lulu ages ago | reply

      cute girl!

    6. UncommonGrace ages ago | reply

      elle needs a robe. it's official.

    7. Blissful Begonia ages ago | reply

      Awwww! So sweet!

    8. chatirygirl ages ago | reply

      So lovely, I nearly cried when I read the post.

    9. mithrilsea ages ago | reply

      That's such a nice photo.
      I loved that book when I was a child.

    10. vivianneroni ages ago | reply

      awww. what a precious photo!

    11. misaru@HPH ages ago | reply

      What a precious moment you cought with your camera!

    12. jg and bc ages ago | reply

      why do cats do that? my cats ALWAYS do that. too adorable...

    13. Broglis ages ago | reply

      oh my goodness... LOVE the toes :)

    14. robin'snest ages ago | reply

      Oh, precious, Amanda...we must cherish these moments <3

    15. beetgreen ages ago | reply

      buds. I need a book of photos of girl and cat. (wolf-cat, doggy-cat, damn-big-cat...)

    16. dull design [deleted] ages ago | reply

      oh so sweet!

    17. NiNaches ages ago | reply

      Linda demais!

    18. faeriegirlcarly ages ago | reply

      oh my goodness. that is just sweetness, right there. our cat is called banjo as well (and i live in adelaide, south australia). my banjo is skinnier than yours, but has the same markings, and what looks like the same disposition.
      kids and cats are just magical

    19. nondescript mass [deleted] ages ago | reply

      After looking at your collection of Banjo and Adelaide photos I can't help but adore the documentation of their relationship, which you've captured so well. This one is my favorite.

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