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    1. PinkPeanutButter ages ago | reply

      OMG That is so funny! I loved that page of MS and ripped it out because I wanted to paint my daughter's room in that color or do something similar to that photo!

    2. kendra-jane ages ago | reply

      Isn't everything about that magazine clipping incredible? I saved it too.

    3. knitting iris ages ago | reply

      I was JUST oohing and ahhhing this pic a few minutes ago over a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal at the table. Which reminds me, I should've put a lamb's wool on the wish list. Maybe next year.

    4. annamariahorner ages ago | reply

      I got a copy of the mag when I did the show ;) (which was the first time I ever looked at that magazine shhh. I know. no time.) I instantly fell in love with the picture too. mostly for their choice of a red headed girl in a blue room. so sweet. she looks like a kid too old ofr naps faking sleep to get something.

    5. SouleMama ages ago | reply

      Anna - Calvin totally called her out when he saw it. "She's not sleeping!" he exclaimed. Hee.

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