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    1. My Merry Way ages ago | reply

      Northern light... if it is morning.
      I've been meaning to tell you how your photos/blog make me long for seasons. I've been in Arizona for two years....

    2. camera shy momma ages ago | reply

      silouhetted leaves, sweet dreams little one!

    3. haeshu ages ago | reply

      amanda i just saw a spot like this in my house. let me see if i can get a picture.

    4. honeyflake ages ago | reply

      i've been noticing the evening light around here showing up earlier and earlier and in slightly different places too. it's totally the change in seasone happening. i try to see how long we can go before putting on the lights.

    5. beetgreen ages ago | reply

      is her bed all set up? And I spy a lovely bedspread, cover thingy.

    6. Blue Yonder ages ago | reply

      Phew! Good thing, cuz that bed looks just right for crawling into, but all wrong for leaving! :-) Nighty night, sis!

    7. sara + h ages ago | reply

      Love that late afternoon/early evening autumn light. I'm a little sad that it's warm rays shine down on us at such an early hour these days, but still, I love it (I'll really be sad when it happens even earlier yet. Oy.)

      Does your girl really go to bed so early? I envy you.

    8. SouleMama ages ago | reply

      we're in the letting-go-of-nap transition. Not to be envied. Today was a no nap day, which means a little rough spell and then an early bedtime. Which will also mean an early morning. ;) And so it goes.

    9. SouleMama ages ago | reply

      hannah - did you get it??!

    10. eren {sea+prairie} ages ago | reply

      So sweet...makes me want to take a pencil and draw the outline right there on the wall for some reason. Its so pretty with the shadows of the leaves.

    11. sara + h ages ago | reply

      I stand corrected. No envy here. Astrid is following in her sister's footsteps and (feverishly knocking on wood) still shows no interest in letting go of nap time. Lola napped until she was past four. Now you can envy me.

    12. UncommonGrace ages ago | reply

      I love her bedspread.

    13. jaco115 ages ago | reply

      like the feel of shadow ~good shot

    14. Erin Little ages ago | reply

      I feel for you...we're only going from two to one here, but boy, some days are rough! Bedtime is earlier and wake time is earlier. Good luck to you!!

    15. embracecreate ages ago | reply

      ohh another soft, pink, yummy bed pic....I'm reading this at 8:40am - could it be too early for a nap? Is it ever?

    16. Jen_Mo ages ago | reply

      love the dappled light here.

    17. valentino * ages ago | reply

      bella fotografia

    18. SkeletonDance 117 months ago | reply

      pretty pretty pretty

      i want to sleep now

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