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2018.05 Low Carb and Low Carbon - Ted Eytan MD-1001 1039 | by tedeytan
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2018.05 Low Carb and Low Carbon - Ted Eytan MD-1001 1039

For most people, there is no advantage to carbohydrate loading before exercise, and probably a disadvantage (less fat burning). There’s also a placebo effect. People who think they’ve eaten calories/carbohydrates (even though they haven’t) perform slightly better.


“Figure 9

Practical application of pre-exercise nutrition to optimize training adaptations. The duration and intensity of the exercise session should be considered when considering the best pre-exercise nutrition choices. Before shorter duration exercise sessions that focus on lower intensity steady-state training, it may be beneficial to withhold CHO, while there is little evidence supporting CHO restriction before high-intensity exercise. When consuming less than ~75 g CHO, food choices before HIIT can be left to personal preference. For longer duration exercise (>90 min), there is little evidence to suggest fasted-state training offers any additional benefit, although this is still practiced by approximately one-third of endurance athletes [16]. Ingesting less than ~75 g CHO is unlikely to impair mitochondrial signaling adaptations from longer-duration, low-intensity exercise, while consuming 75–150 g CHO prior to extended high-intensity exercise is suggested to increase endogenous fuel storage.”


“Trained cyclists completed a ~20 min cycling time-trial more quickly when they perceived that they had consumed breakfast (CHO or placebo) prior to the start of the exercise, compared with a fasted exercise session, and there was a 4% improvement in ~1 h time-trial performance when cyclists were told the placebo drink actually contained CHO compared with a blinded trial.”


Reference: 1. Rothschild JA, Kilding AE, Plews DJ. What Should I Eat before Exercise? Pre-Exercise Nutrition and the Response to Endurance Exercise: Current Prospective and Future Directions. Nutrients [Internet]. 2020 Nov 12;12(11):3473. Available from:

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