2012 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival
Photos taken in January, 2012, at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. I have made an effort to identify the work and the quiltmakers and will continue to add information as I am able to find it. Much of the information adjacent to the quilts and in the catalogs is only presented in Japanese. If you have identifying info, please forward it to me and I will happily add it.

Quilt names preceded by ** designate pieces that were invited to be shown in the special themed exhibit. All others were juried into the competition and were eligible for awards.

The "Wa" category designates quilts made in a uniquely Japanese style...in design and from vintage Japanese fabrics.

The pieces in the "Frame Quilts" category are all fairly small, under 20" (50cm) square.

This is the complete set of photos I took at the 2012 Tokyo show.
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