"K" is for King of the Jungle

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    "The phrase, "King of the Jungle" is a misnomer because lions don't live in the jungle, they live out on the Savannah.

    Lions are at the top of the food chain. Few animals will dare to challenge a lion, even in periods of extreme hunger.

    An interesting related fact is that King Leonidas' name actually meant "lion-like,". He was the King of Sparta between 488BC and 480BC.

    Perhaps some people associate Africa with jungles, and since Lions live in Africa they make the erroneous association."
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    I hate that i had to shoot this beautiful lion through a fence. It caused weird squiggly lines throughout the photo, but it is what it is. Next time i go to the Detroit Zoo i'll be able to some pictures of the lions without fence lines as they have a more open set-up than the Potter Park Zoo.

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