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Tower of Power

The latest installment of the northern/southern hemispheric collaboration with my friend Rachel aka Optique Photo.


We'll have to wait for Rachel to describe where this photo was taken and what the Tower of Power near the center is, but I suspect that it's meant for contacting alien life forms on Jupiter, but that's beside the point. What I'd like to point out is how this wonderfully explains the physics of the difference between the northern and southern hemispheres. In the northern hemisphere (where you all naturally live) the horizon curves gently down, but in the southern hemisphere (especially the farther south you go) the horizon is convex and turns upwards as is demonstrated in this photograph.


You can test this theory yourself by filling up your bath tub, pulling the plug and watching the direction that the water goes down the drain. If it's clockwise, then you're north of the equator. If it's counter-clockwise you're south of the equator--or at least south of Texas. If the water doesn't drain at all that means you're right on the equator or else it means the drain is plugged.


You can look this stuff up because it is true. Any more questions I can explain to you?

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Uploaded on February 12, 2011