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USS Intrepid finished and on show. Pictures taken by Bluemoose (thanks). Took 5 hours to set-up last night, but well worth it!

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  1. Wizz Bang! 55 months ago | reply

    Wow, seriously huge :)
    Well done

  2. J0n4th4n D3rk53n 55 months ago | reply

    Was this at brickcon?

  3. bricksonwheels 55 months ago | reply

    It is huge Ed, and i love it

  4. Zsdvnm 55 months ago | reply

    This is awesome. Great job!

  5. Tervlon 55 months ago | reply

    Amazing. This is a truly historical piece. Thank you for building this thing and sharing it with all of us.

  6. Januarybegan 55 months ago | reply

    I am curious how much this weighs

  7. Infernal elf 55 months ago | reply

    o_0 out of this galaxy aewsome congratulations to you and the rest of the crazy gang you pulled it off again.

    its such a work of art. u will defeintely get a call from the intrepid museum if u send them some pictues now

  8. NWharry 55 months ago | reply

    What a masterpiece!

  9. Lego Monster 55 months ago | reply

    Infernal elf: the Intrepid museum have been in touch with me for over two months now, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

    Januarybegan: 250kgs (Thats about 570lbs).

  10. Rubén Riojas 55 months ago | reply

    You're keeping it built, right?

  11. J.Stan. 55 months ago | reply

    Are you a robot? You're a cyborg aren't you?

  12. TXphotoblog 55 months ago | reply

    I'm stunned! Incredible series and project.

  13. DarkkosiS 55 months ago | reply

    Monstrosity has been reinvented once more!...

  14. Lego.Crazy 54 months ago | reply

    Ask Ralph if he can build more f-14s,f-18s,ea-6b prowlers and s-3b vikings. Then put them on the deck.,It would be AWESOME!

  15. J e n s 54 months ago | reply

    That size is hard to grasp!

  16. [Shunazaver] 54 months ago | reply

    ... Mother help.

  17. limpbizkitjmf 36 months ago | reply

    Breathtaking my friend! Congratulations you win!

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