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Blue bus of Rugeley.

Rugeley's skyline has long been dominated by the imposing cooling towers of power stations, but on the ground, the town has seen a host of interesting bus operators come and go... perhaps the most famous of which was Wieldon's Green Bus Service.

A while after the demise of that operation came Blue Bus Services bringing with it further vehicle variety. The intricacies of the various incarnations and ownerships of the Rugeley area bus operators are lost on me but suffice to say, they operated some interesting stock between them.

Here on a plot of land adjoining Blue Bus's Power Station Road premises are three of their buses, left an ex Lothian Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean part way through a re-paint. Centre, an ex SELNEC ECW 'coach' bodied Leyland Leopard and right, perhaps most interesting of all, an Alexander Y Type bodied rear engined Albion Viking.

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Taken circa 1988