2013 Bay Area Media & Arts Festival
Photos from World Savvy's annual Media & Arts Festival, May 9th, 2013.

Emerging from sixteen middle & high school classrooms across the San Francisco Bay Area, the artists in World Savvy’s Media & Arts Festival articulate unique terms of engagement with a world risked and a world sustained by the choices we make every day. These artists inherit an increasingly interdependent world shaped by complex economic exchanges, environmental strain, and social change online and on the way home from school. Their creative works explore the notion of Sustainable Communities through a constellation of issues-from our ancient and perpetual water cycle to imaginatively forecasted futures, from culture jamming mass media to calculating the true cost of consumption.

Located in three cities across the United States, World Savvy is an education non-profit committed to educating and engaging youth in community and world affairs, so they are prepared to thrive as responsible citizens in the 21st century. Our annual Media & Arts Festival proudly showcases the work of participating teachers and students who have undertaken a variety of creative learning projects as part of World Savvy’s Media & Arts Program (MAP).
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