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Old Urbanism to Fused Grid

A little known city, Martina Franca has been standing for a 1000 years and it typifies a medieval city with all its charachteristics:

1. an area of about 800 m by 1500 m (;

2. a perimeter wall now a ring arterial;

3. a maze-like network of narrow streets (catering to foot and hoof circulation only) that is totaly illegibile and cofusing to visitors;

4. exceedingly picturesque due to its idiosynchratic, labyrinthine network and the layers of architectural styles

Charming but disfunctional for contemporary mobility.The car, a newcomer to the city, cannot function well in the twists, turns and sudden cul-de-sacs.It also spoils the enjoyment of it for the residents and visitors.

Just as other European medieval cities did, Martina Franca, chose the fused grid (see set and Wikipedia) to resolve this conflict in its medieval center. Car-streets (blue) circumscribe areas with foot-streets (green). Pedestrians have access to the entire network, as before, but enjoy the added privilage of car-free, quiet, safe districts.

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Taken on July 13, 2012