Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

Here in my Georgia Belle Senior Apartments for Independant Living, I saw this hung painting of Jesus.


There are 12 floors and in front of the elevator, on each floor, is a table where the "floor manager", or someone, decorates the table and often a resident donates something for the wall above this table. This 6th floor table has this picture of Jesus above it.


There is no name, no signer, on this painting. I cannot even tell if this image is a reproduction from a print and someone framed it! Thus I have no idea at all who painted it. Thus this painting could have come from a super-mart, or it could have actually been painted by a resident of this Home, years ago!



I found out the painter, thanks to Someone who commented.

Stephen B Whatley gave to me the info.



Also amazing how there is very little written about him.


"Vinciata aka Joseph Wallace King (1911-1996), who was a legislator from Winston-Salem North Carolina."


painted years ago.







[from further research, this painting appears to be painted by a resident, long long ago, as this facuility has been here since about 1974. Thus original! There is no signed name or date on it, either.]




This is why I like this painting, and why I took this photo *of*

a painting, as I sense that this is an original work of art! probably no one knows, by now, who painted this, and if a senior, the painter may now be deceased.

One of my favorite paintings of Jesus.



He looks serious and strong and mysterious. And also as if He is asking

a question of you, the viewer, maybe like..."who am I and what does my existance mean to you"?!

As if His very Presence infers another reality that is "behind" him!




--a reply to a comment.

while cameras are not supposed to be "biased", often the photographer is!


Not that I am a "Jesus freak", after all, if those people did not take the pictures of the torture of the Iraq prisoners, no one would know.

I take interesting photos of Interesting things that have a meaning that is more than what appears, thus this image i find so meaningfull to th residents here.


Here is a photo of a picture a senior hung on the wall of a senior residence, he or she found this picture to be very important. For many in this building, the Sunday evening service IS all! And, yes, the preacher throws forth lots of the "ole time fire and brimstone" and that choices in life are to be seen in utter black and white morality-only! What this minister would say about homo people would probably curl your hair.


But this is *the* reality for people who lived through the great depression and WW II, they see Jesus through their own "eyes", their own biases. Many today hate the on-welfare people as they do not *work*, not work the 100 hours a week and go through the sufferings that they did in the great depression, a whole generation who Followed orders and Obeyed authority even if it was wrong! you BROKE before you changed, change was seen as a sign of weakness!

these 1940 people saved civilization for you: made the dance floor that you now dance upon!


Compare the images of Jesus in the different countries under a different religious background: comes all too too apparent to me that the Jesus on the wall is the reflection of the collective biases of the church-goers!


Just like it is not money that is the root of all evil, it is what ones does with it, what people do

*with* Jesus is what you see the results of.


So you all see the retired military man with his ten american flags, sitting on the porch, you see the little old lady with a Bible in her hand, judging everyone who walks by according to "black and white" absolutes, and both of them wish for the day that 'a man is a man and a woman is a woman and that evil was very esy to determine, and to find some authority to give their choice-making ability too, so that they would not have to choose every little thing anymore!


there are TWO levels of "generation gap, here, the standard one of age, and the one where you have the great depression/WW II people versus the new agers of 1960+! This building has 161 residents, 90% are of this Old School, and yes, these people would probably judge 80% of the content of flickr to be very very SINFUL!


I had a retired gardener talk non-stop to me for four hours, years ago, and it was worth ever moment of it; i learned so much about this older angry generation. This man was now 70, he grew up in 1930 south state of Georgia, usa, and no one in his family or in the school *ever* wore shoes once, and life was work, *was* work, dawn to dusk 6 1/2 days a week. Then he worked in the defense industries. he place everything before him, his family, town, country, friends, came first, before him, in life and he came last. basicly he put his dreams up in the attic, his dancing shoes in the boxes, never ever to be opened, and then he *worked* all of his life.

Now he is 70 and all of the kids are on some kind of welfare like food stamps, student loans, wefare, etc, and that they did not have to work like he did.

He sees them dancing the dreams that he could not and


[enough anger in him to plug his finger into an electric outlet and he would power the city for hours!!]

See, all of his taxes and his social security payments on the job help these people get their benefits, thus in a real sense he is paying them to do what he himself could never ever do, as he lived the Good moral life of 1938!

Now the Coach has changed the rules in the middle of the Play, middle of the 50-yard line, and he is angry and confused, there is little that he can find to enjoy, of today's Toys, of today's free choices! Like that little old lady at the cafeteria that i saw the other day, she was so so beside herself with irratation as see was without sail, rudder, anchor, compass, or wheel: her husband had died and he made all of the choices for her and now he is gone. in the old days "he" was supposed to make all of her choices, and now there is no Eisenhower, as president, to stand besides her....oh *can* she choose one of those 40 kinds of salads and 35 types of deserts?!


thus I "report" with my camera what I see. If you see him as a dark destroyer

of free-thinking, you might be right, But most retirees would *love* to have most of the young "flickrs" here, to "get a life, settle down, become moral and straight and have a family and kids and

repent of sin"!! some of these people would love to "sic" Jesus upon the people of today's generation, to have them repent according to how they see "repentance".



Thus that picture of Jesus is in a kind of sense, a "Talisman" to ward off the modern age with!! You have to face this picture if you get off of the elevator, he is there to ward off EVIL!

and much of "evil" is the open ended

multiculturalness of the modern liberal left's way of life, and the great lack of precieved Morals in today's people!


betchya you have a grandmother or mother, grandfather or father, who is just like I described, the vet of WW II and the great Depression!



Thus my picture, i see now, as i write this description, is a "marker" for what many of the older generation belive in.

[I will probably get lots of flames for this one, but this Image, here, I find so important to what that generation stood for.]




  • Aworology 4y

    Hey I know J.C. he's a pretty down dude... (FART)
  • ameear 4y

    I think the pic is quite flattering. About the Christian Reich he may have enough of, they probably getting bunny money along with Satan rifiling through his home.
  • Waiting For The Word 4y

    A very lovely painting of Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing this, and the information about it.
  • Eleventh Earl 4y

    This is one of the rare paintings of Jesus for which he actually posed. There was an artist of the time called Hymie Goldblatt who lived a few blocks from Jesus, in Nazareth, and Jesus commissioned him to paint this portrait for a poster campaign. Sadly, Hymie Goldblatt's work has never received the attention it deserves.

    I think he was a painter ahead of his time, especially given the limited materials available with which to paint.
  • Emmannuel Claure Uriona (Bennedik-Photography) 4y

    Very-Beautiful !!! :D ♦♣♠
  • Waiting For The Word 4y

    Actually, Stalin's atheist regime and Hitler's atheist regime and Mao Tse-Tung's atheist regime were far more deadly than so-called Christians ever were, and I have my doubts about whether the bad "Christians" were even saved. Did you know that Mao Tse-Tung's Chinese communists killed 70 million people?? I didn't know that until today.

    Wild remarks against Christians are everywhere now, but nobody can back it up with facts so I think such uninformed youngsters should stop trying to bully anyone who is a Christian.
  • Waiting For The Word 4y

    I've had a tough time with some Church people, but it's important not to get Christians confused with Christ. Jesus is worth knowing, and I wouldn't want to live without His help, comfort, guidance and wisdom. Jesus is the real Treasure.

    I looked at the website of Joseph Wallace King at, and it's obvious this is his work. I do think this is the best he ever did. It's an awesome painting of the Christ, one of the best I've ever seen.
  • Patrick McLennan 4y

    Waiting For The Word Wild remarks against Christians are everywhere now, but nobody can back it up with facts

    What facts about which subject would you like? And do you honestly think this is an accurate likeness of Jesus?
  • Eleventh Earl 4y

    @waiting for the word. Hitler was a Catholic.

    And Stalin didn't kill people in the name of atheism.

    Stalin killed for his beliefs. No-one kills though a lack of conviction.

    As usual you fucked up religious bigots twist everything to suit your agenda.
  • Matthewww2011 3y

    Beautiful picture. And as always, Jesus spoke the truth about what would happen to us for trusting in Him:

    “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. Now, however, they have no excuse for their sin. He who hates me hates my Father as well. If I had not done among them what no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have seen these miracles, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’ - John 15:18-25

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

    People get real uncomfortable when they are presented the truth, because it convicts them.

    "Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”
    - John 3:18-21

    We have a choice: to continue in our sin and turn from God or to turn from our sin and pursue God. Those who want to know the truth will find it, but most don't. Most want to continue to fulfill the desires of the flesh, thus hardening their hearts toward God and distancing themselves further and further from Him. Soon, they can't even hear his voice anymore, and they follow foolish teachings by men. This is how Darwinian evolution 'evolved' - which is a lie. This is how 'all paths lead to God' evolved - another lie. This is how 'homosexuality is not a sin' evolved - lie. This is how 'if I just do enough good works, I can earn my way into heaven' evolved - lie.

    Jesus cuts people right to the heart, because it is God speaking. And mankind doesn't want to listen.
  • Waiting For The Word 3y

    Eleventh Earl of Mar... did I mention Catholics or Stalin or Hitler? Did I mention anything that would - even remotely - associate me with any kind of bigotry whatsoever? What topic did I twist around to suit what agenda?

    Such posts are known as Trolling, because
    1. they are aggressive & inflammatory
    2. they are amazingly off-topic
    3. they don't make any sense
    4. tactics resemble bullying
    5. come off as very repulsive like the storybook Trolls of old.
  • Eleventh Earl 3y

    Waiting For The Word

    Clearly you did , or I would hadn't have responded thusly, you obnoxiously rude person.

    Funny how 'trolling' is always something other people do, and often in the eye or narrow mind of the beholder. One man's trolling is another person's valid point.

    Now run along.
  • Patrick McLennan 3y

    Matthewww2011 People get real uncomfortable when they are presented the truth, because it convicts them

    Prove to me that Jesus even existed and i will listen to you!
  • Waiting For The Word 3y

    Jesus told a story of a rich man who ignored the beggar that was outside his gate. The beggar died and so did the rich man, eventually. The rich man went to hell and the poor man went to be with Abraham in heaven. The rich man begged Abraham to send the beggar back and warn his brothers about punishment to come... but Abraham said it couldn't be done. "But if someone comes back from the dead, they will listen!" the rich man argued. Abraham said it wouldn't make any difference: those brothers already had the testimony of the prophets and if that wasn't good enough for them, then nothing else would help either.

    So... what Abraham (and Jesus) were saying is this: the only PROOF you're going to ever get is the proof that's already here around you. The testimony of those who know Jesus, and the testimony of creation itself which shouts of the glory of God. If you can't understand the proof that's been given, then something is wrong, because Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and know me."

    Yes, perhaps you enjoy mocking those who believe, but I really do wish you'd be careful. Don't harden your heart against God's efforts to reach out to you.
  • Patrick McLennan 3y

    Waiting For The Word : the only PROOF you're going to ever get is the proof that's already here around you...

    Thought so!
  • tracyhughes2_7. CPAGB LRPS 3y

    This great 100+ comment Beauty caught my eye on:

    100+ comment group Add 1 - Comment 2
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    Seen in the group"100+ COMMENT GROUP **(P1/A2) * COMP OPEN!!*" ( ?² )
  • Nancy Patterson 3y

    I had the pleasure of knowing Joe "Vinciata" King as a child. He was a fabulous portrait artist! My mother's family is from Winston-Salem, NC and my aunt modeled for several of his paintings in the early sixties, and my mother for one painting. In fact, I was the infant in one of the Madonna paintings my aunt modeled for. Joe was commissioned at different times to paint both Richard Nixon and Queen Elizabeth II. He also bid on the London Bridge when it was for sale! He was an unusual and very talented man to say the least. I remember him as a warm and humorous person. I was looking for pictures of Jesus on Google when I came across your photo, and knew immediately it was probably a Vinciata painting. You can find out much more about him now at .
  • Dandelion Salad 2y

    Great shot. Thanks for having a CC license on your photo. I've used it on this blog post:
  • ameear 2y

    is it live or memorex
  • Chris Coan 11mo

    What a surprise, seeing this picture after so many years. I was the model for this and many other paintings by Joe King. He had cast me as the lead actor in his film "Somebody Moved My Mountain" and asked me if I would mind sitting for him as he took hundreds of photographs to be later used for his paintings. I knew this one was sold to Jim Baker but after the 600 club went bust, I never knew where it went. Joe King was a wonderful man and I enjoyed working with him over a number of years. His "signature" includes painting the town of Vinciata (Italy), usually included in the background. That's where he got his "professional" name.
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