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    Once you have raided the dressing up costumes assortment, each in turn pose for the photo, it does not matter if you are really too big.
    Make sure you select clothes that fit, you might be in them all day.
    At the end of the day when you have to return them, if you have selected something that is not too fancy, you might want to claim that it was yours and not return it to the party dressing up section.

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    1. sm_horse 57 months ago | reply

      Many a top jockey has come from humble beginnings.

      There'll also be many occasions where you've heard the line "I'm feeling a little ho(a)rse"....

    2. oakleaf25 33 months ago | reply

      An early Ayres rocking horse, overpainted white[it would have been dappled originally]-a fun photo the horse would be circa 1900 when new.

    3. theirhistory 33 months ago | reply

      I should think it would have been physically worn out by the Children in the Home, it could have easily lasted 60 or more years.
      Originally it probably was owned by an ordinary family, when they grew up it would have been donated to the Children's Home.
      Our group did not have a toy like this, we had an oversize dolls house, but in the next flat there was a rocking hose.
      The Sister in charge would have made sure that no rough play was ever made of a prize posession like this.
      I can remember one photo of me at the age of 9 or 10 taken on the one in the next flat, I can remember looking rather sullen, as I had been told just to sit still for that picture, I never did get to try that rocking horse out.

      I wonder what the value if it was still in good condition today would be.

    4. oakleaf25 33 months ago | reply

      Oh, was this a children's home horse.....when my mum died,I had to go into a day nursery while dad worked....the brutality there was horrific, and we too had a rocking horse, who stood in the window....and NO child was allowed near it...most council day nurseries had rocking horses back then, and i remember thinking that the horse was like a silent witness to the brutal goings on of that ally.
      I do wonder if my early days made me love rocking horses, as they represented security in an uncertain world.
      There is a huge ''orphan house'' settlement near where I live now, given over to a clollege now [Muller orphan houses, Bristol] and I often think of the children who lived there...

    5. oakleaf25 33 months ago | reply

      Value? in that condition, about £1,000! as it is an early horse [footrails shaped and chamfered] the maker is rated as the ''best'' maker in uk, based in London 111, Aldersgare street. I expect the horse was donated to the Children's home when the family's children grew out of it. A family in Bristol was given a magnificent old horse on bow rockers for free!!! that was left behind in a council-run children's home. They were very lucky..but were wealthy anyway..pity the horse couldn't have been given to a poorer family, but, that is life!

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