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I hated nap time | by theirhistory
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I hated nap time

At my second infant school, due to missing a year of school I was placed one year back with the five year old children that had just joined the school.

It was thought that a nap while the teacher read a story was best for us once lunch was over.

Things would have been fine had the teacher not wanted us to lay face down during our nap, had I been allowed to sleep or doze on my side there would not have been any problems.

Due to catching the measles when I was a baby, it left me a few medical problems, slight deafness, poor distance vision and rather weak bladder muscles.

With the ability to leave in the middle of a lesson to visit the lavatory, like many of the other boys I had avoided any accidents. There were some who were afraid to ask to leave the room during a lesson. The teacher was quite kind when puddles were noticed, the culprit was just taken out of the room for a short while and returned in dry trousers a little later.

Laying face down even if I had recently been to the toilet, only meant one thing, with the pressure on my front there was a very minor damp patch to the front of my shorts, nothing major, it was not noticed by my friends and only by the teacher.

I received sympathy from her, the first time such a thing was offered by a teacher, after a few days of the same event, it was reported to my mother, her solution was that I should go back to having a pair of waterproof pants under my shorts. For the next week or so it solved the matter, but I still was a little uninterested in this part of the school day and was a bit of a fidget.

The teachers solution was to put myself and another girl outside into our small playground for the duration.

I was quite happy, the girl also seemed to like the extra freedom it gave.


Note to the boy at the far side.

Please stop using your not yet invented mobile phone during nap time.

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Uploaded on August 24, 2015