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Google Internet Censorship - Censure d'Internet par Google - Internet censuur door Google

Photo of Google internet political censorship live in a screen shot. Here for the world to see, is this photo capture of real-time political censorship of the European internet by Google Inc., as Google intentionally suppresses search results of political articles and journalism in late August 2011. You see here an actual photo of Google in action, under direct orders of Google Europe German boss Philipp Schindler, 'just following orders' of Google top officials Eric Schmidt and Google founder Larry Page ... As Google censors search to deceive European Union authorities in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg, the EU Commission, the EU Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the governments of Belgium and all other European countries, and 500 million European citizens ... nearly all of whom do not realise they are victims of Google Inc censoring and blocking websites, with Google erasing the truth in the 'Google gas chambers'.


You see here the actual photo image of censorship, with Google computers spinning furiously, and blocking no less than 19 - nineteen! - search results from page one of an internet search on a topic, with small notes at the bottom of the search page in English, notes that most people never see or read, indicating that the 19 sites have been censored.


At the same time that Google censors 19 results on page 1 of a politically-related search, as shown here, Google artificially pumps up to the top of the search rankings, several articles that tell lies and spread hoaxes about the object of the search (typically including Google's old CIA partner, the equally CIA-backed Wikipedia ('wiki' is short for 'wicked people can dominate this'), while Google bans and blocks articles that tell the truth about the topic in question.


Why does Google Inc. censor search results so as to mislead and deceive the officials of the European Union, and European companies and businesses? Of course, in order to please American political figures, the CIA and the American government. For those who might desire the deep background of Google Inc as an internet censorship company erasing the truth from world readers, a good place to start would be the article by Paul Joseph Watson on Alex Jones' Prison Planet site, 'Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google', 6 December 2006, interviewing retired intelligence agent Robert David Steele, and speaking of the CIA's Dr Rick Steinheiser and his connections with Google.


In the Google political censorship above, what is being censored is the journalism on all the websites of the man who used to be the perhaps leading journalist on US court corruption, before Google moved to 'erase' him and the truth about what America did to him. Google is blocking websites with articles such as 'America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Travellers and Visitors', 'Foreign Companies Face US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation', 'Americans Murdering Their Judges', 'The CIA and Wikipedia' ... articles authored by a populist dissident journalist who barely escaped out of the US alive, your host here, Dr Leslie Sachs (Les, Leszek Sachs).


Many people are under an illusion that Google supports 'internet freedom', and Google executives no doubt enjoy a royally good laugh over this. The 'internet freedom' or 'net neutrality' story is just a smirking game Google plays to benefit the USA, to help the US criticise China or others.


Google only supports 'internet freedom' against countries and people that are targeted by America. In reality, Google is the most powerful weapon ever, to erase the truth, erase history, and erase the past from human memory, and this image here pictures Google doing it. Google fully supports censorship by the US against Europe, against EU governments, EU businesses, EU journalists, and EU people ... and Google Inc has the perfect way to hide the censorship, because most of Europe is using Google for search!


You will notice in this live photo capture of Google censorship at work, that there is a link given to 'ChillingEffects.org' to provide more information:


« In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed xx result(s) from this page. If youwish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org. »


But, very often, the 'ChillingEffects.org' link turns out to be blank, with no information about the censorship.


Google speaks of receiving 'Legal Requests' to censor and block websites from search results, motivating Google to block political journalism and to help publish and spread lies about topics, when America wishes to spread those lies. These 'legal requests' sufficient for Google to block political journalism, are of course from the country Google is trying to please, the USA, for which Google fully supports the banning of freedom and censorship, whenever rubber-stamped by any federal (national) United States judge, however drunk or criminal.


Google cares zero about how such a 'legal request' is obtained, and Google is perfectly fine with 'requests' from US judges who have a reputation for bribery and corruption, who are followers of Adolf Hitler, or who are drunks getting bags of bribery cash from friends of US Senators or other US political leaders. Google fully supports 'legal requests' by American judges against citizens of Europe, who are threatened with jail or murder if they show up in America to speak up for themselves. Google accepts 'legal requests' as a result of extortion, perjury, court fraud, even genocidal threats to kill people ... any crime is OK to start Google Inc censoring the internet in Europe, so long as it is signed by some judge in the USA, any gangster with a US judge rubber-stamper will do. The US is the one country in the world to whom Google gives this censorship privilege without complaint, and Google manages it so carefully that most people don't even know it happens.


In non-English languages, when Google has the censorship machine running, often there is no note at all at the bottom of the page about Google censorship, Google simply completes its political censorship and erasure of websites, altogether invisibly, and the readers do not realise they are being managed by a close partner of the CIA.


It should be noted as well, that US judges are able to give Google orders that are 'secret', with Google itself ordered to keep quiet about having received a censorship order. US judges may order Google just to lower a website's search ranking, instead of erasing it completely, and such a secret order by American judges, targeting European companies or journalists, might never ever be disclosed ... after all, like Google's central Europe boss, the German Philipp Schindler will tell you, he is "just following orders" ... where have we heard that before?


These are photos documenting my new beloved home city of Brussels, Belgium, my life among the people and Kingdom who have given me safety in the face of the threats to destroy me.


Brussels is a wonderful city with a great history, one of the most delightful capitals of the world in which to live. Brussels has a noble history of providing a safe haven to other dissident refugee writers, such as Victor Hugo, Karl Marx, Charles Baudelaire, and Alexandre Dumas, and I shall forever be grateful that Brussels and Belgium have helped to protect my own life as well.


(To read about the efforts to silence me and my journalism, the attacks on me, the smears and the threats, see the website by European journalists "About Les Sachs" linked in my profile, press articles such as "Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs"; and the recent report by Non-Zionist Jews Defence, 'Report to the EU Parliament and the Commission of the European Union; Crimes to Erase EU Journalism, to Slander and Murder EU - Polish Citizen, Writer, Journalist, & Non-Zionist Jew, Dr Les Sachs - Dr Leszek Sachs - Dr Leslie Raymond Sachs'. Links in the 'profile' section of this photo collection.)


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Uploaded on August 31, 2011