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Photo biography of Dr Les Sachs | by Historic Brussels
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Photo biography of Dr Les Sachs

A dozen photos from the life of Dr Leszek Sachs, from age 19 and his first trip 'home' to Europe, to the present year, spanning the decades from the 1970s onwards.


Dr Les Sachs, Polish and USA citizen, political exile 'boomer', who came to affect a number of historical events, and affecting history in the United States only recently, despite his having never been in the USA since one Saturday night driving over the Canadian border at Niagara - When he was avoiding the international terrorist team threatening to kill him, in March of 2004, shortly afterwards catching his flight to Europe, to safety, to freedom, and to the continent of his ancestors.


Twelve photos here showing a man's face from teen-age to early senior, as he engaged in his major activities - anti-corruption book author: slandered web journalist documenting political wrong-doing; and voice of truth informing governments and intelligence agencies, and above all, helping working-class and minority common people, victims being ground up by systems serving elites, but denying commoners, minorities and all sorts of vulnerable victims, their most basic human rights.


A religious and spiritual man - anchored in the ancient meditation and spiritual-warrior faiths of south and east Asia - Dr Les Sachs is grateful for the heavenly influences that saved him from those who sought to enslave, silence and destroy him -


Spiritual powers who helped guide him to safety and protection in Europe's capital of Brussels, where he found a new role contributing to events in Europe and the world, his life perhaps saved so he could continue helping others.

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Uploaded on March 8, 2020