A Tiger for each Finger!

Spilosoma virginica (Virginian Tiger moth) resting on each finger. I had so many that day, and knowing just how docile they are, I decided to have some fun.

  • Tam & Sam PRO 3y

  • Ash PRO 3y

    Wow! How is it you came upon so many at once in the first place?
  • Illia Chavez PRO 3y

    During mid summer I usually get quite a few at the light at night, and they tend to stay there throughout the day, so, the following evening I just plucked 'em carefully off the sheet and gathered them onto my fingers. I think this was the most I had at one time.
  • Mathew Taft PRO 3y

    Amazing! The moth whisperer!
  • Eric Curtis Cummings PRO 3y

    Great shot! You and I have a lot in common. We like to touch them :)
  • Illia Chavez PRO 3y

    Thanks all! Yes, I love getting moths to perch on my finger. So long as they're a species I already have photos of, haha!
  • Shawn Wainwright PRO 3y

    Awesome! Me and Lou like to do that too.
  • Jorge J Restrepo A. 3y

    an excellent shot
  • Patrick Livecchi PRO 3y

    I look forward to seeing you on David Letterman soon :)
    Really fun shot.

    Fantastico! one for each finger, you have a large collection of night......................
  • 賞景者 Jeff Lin 3y

    An interesting shot~
  • Ben Sale PRO 3y

    Great shot! You usually have Hawks on the hand but nice to see something different, my girlfriend would say it looked like fancy fluffy nail art!
  • Clay Kemper PRO 3y

    Wonderful. There is a little town on the Oregon/Nevada border called McDermitt that had an incredible infestation of Gypsy moths. You might enjoy visiting. There are a lot of falcons there too.
  • Illia Chavez PRO 3y

    Thanks all! I noticed there were over 4,000 views on this from various blogs and rebloggings. Wow!
  • Lou Prosperi 3rd. PRO 3y

    Awesome multiple moths shot!

    Seen in the Moth Multiples group
  • Moth Monarch 2y

    I am so jealous of you! Lovely :D
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