Collectible Figs Series 3 Dot-code

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UPDATE 12/2- If anyone has a full set of the figures in-hand that they can use to perfect this chart, by all means do it. I did this by eye-balling photos of the dot patterns, so it's not exact.

PLEASE NOTE: The gorilla apparently does not have dots, but instead is a "weird melted look." Not sure what that means, but I guess you can distinguish it that way.

Based on THIS.

The bags have unique patters of raised dots along the bottom. I tried to reproduce the pattern the best I could tell from the pictures.

The Indian Chief and Samurai have very similar dot patters. I expect those to be the hardest to identify in-store.

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  1. Dr. Burrito 41 months ago | reply

    Woah! Lego has to be suprised at this!

  2. Loov'i Lukywalker 41 months ago | reply

    Perfect! Now I can buy the collection AND create my army!

  3. MartinTheMad 41 months ago | reply

    Are these the same for the EUR release?

  4. diegoboy 41 months ago | reply

    ^ I was wondering the same.

  5. Sand Raider 41 months ago | reply


    God loves you, and Jesus died for you.

  6. Jaak Onidor 41 months ago | reply

    I'm forever in your debt, sir! Thank you!

    ^Yes sir, he did! :D

  7. MRCAB 41 months ago | reply

    Just used this the other day. So much more difficult than the bar-codes. :-p
    Good job for Lego, I guess, for making it that much closer to a real blind-box.

  8. Sand Raider 41 months ago | reply

    ^^ Yeah! Let's spread the word!

  9. Slayerdread 41 months ago | reply

    I just got mine today, I prefer the barcodes, the bumps aren't easily visible on all the packages.

  10. Doctor Beef 41 months ago | reply

    Thank you for this!!! Some people are selling these codes on eBay! I just need four more myself, and this will help immensely!! We've always used the "feel" method, and have done pretty well with that (only got ONE doubler in 13 figs this round so far), but this will be much easier, especially since a couple of those that are left might be difficult to feel for. :)

  11. notenoughbricks 41 months ago | reply

    Bumps are much harder to read but this sheet (and the updated version over on Brickset) helped a great deal. I needed to feel around for distinct accessories but this sheet definitely helped me identify the figs with the easy to "read" bumps such as the alien, mummy, tennis player, snow boarder, hula girl, and rapper. Once I found these easy to spot figs I had to feel around.

    The easy to feel out figs are the baseball player (bat has ridges in the handle), Samurai (sword hilt can easily be found), Indian (HUGE head dress piece), Sumo (minifig trophy), Cyborg (hook hand), Elf (bow and arrow), Gorilla (banana), Pilot (backpack), Fisherman (fishing rod), and Race Car Driver (helmet AND hair).

    Without the cheat sheet this would have been a much harder task. Thanks Rick!

  12. Rick_3691 40 months ago | reply

    Better version has been made! LINK

  13. Topsy Cret 40 months ago | reply

    Is for the US or the Europe minifigures?

  14. notenoughbricks 40 months ago | reply

    Was at the LEGO Store yesterday for our LUG meeting in Queens and saw a man using this there. HAD to tell him I knew the guy who made the cheat sheet! Gave him my card-maybe he'll check back here and ask to learn more about I LUG NY!

  15. Joriel "Joz" Jimenez 40 months ago | reply

    Thanks. Never thought I'd be the type to write "I wish I saw this last week..."

  16. louisa.york 39 months ago | reply

    Cool. I discovered series 3 existed today and was gutted when I saw there was no identifying barcode. I felt the packets for the two I particularly wanted for my son and when I opened them they were right. Phew! Now I've discovered there are identifying marks on the packets, I shall use the cheat sheet you have slaved over for next time. Thank you so much you will save me so much money.;-) (I just love it when David beats Goliath)

  17. Rick_3691 39 months ago | reply

    Personally, I've had better luck feeling the bags for unique parts. I don't even use it.

  18. eclipseGrafx 39 months ago | reply

    I agree, plus there is a rumor that the dot system was changed on some of the figures as well.

  19. Legoboy1555 38 months ago | reply

    my gorrila has dotts

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