Selby Abbey, nXIII, Ellerton glass.
Glass that came from St James, Ellerton, in East Yorkshire when that church was made redundant. Installed here in 1984 as detailed in the inscription at the bottom on panel 1b (qv). The previous church at Ellerton, replaced in the mid-19thC. was the nave of Ellerton Priory, a gilbertine Priory founded at the end of the 12thC. So this glass is almost certainly Gilbertine. Along with the glass from St Andrew's Priory, York and that from Sempringham Priory in Lincolnshire (both excavated finds) this is the most significant Gilbertine glass extant. On all this see:
C Pamela Graves. "The Window Glass of the Order of St Gilbert of Sempringham: A York-based Study". York, Council for British Archaeology for the York Archaeological Trust, 2000, pp. 486-95.
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