Image number 999 and only 1 more to go to hit the 1000 mark.


So this is my daughter whom I thought would not be pleased with this photo but quite the opposite in fact. Its one that I found when I was transferring my work from my old computer to my new one. I worked on it a little more and you may remember I used her same pose here And I used the idea of a pole in the back in a similar one here Everything is digitally drawn even the pole and I'm happy with the colours which are contrasting and cohesive. Now I'm off to work on some other images from a couple of shoots that I did recently and haven't got around to even downloading yet.

Busy, busy,busy. Busy is good.

Happy shooting



I upload the full sized photos but keep them private and then I download the smaller size and make that public. I've noticed that flickr makes the smaller images much sharper than the full sized image which appear much softer. Pity....


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Uploaded on May 4, 2012