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Pantry 2010

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notes on pic.Part of the pantry,Nov. 7. Not everything is in here. All the squash and pumpkins,some onions still outside. The onions that are starting to grow- I'll chopp them and freeze.

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  1. mjvarney 21 months ago | reply

    I love your pantry! I have one in my basement with all sorts of canned and dehydrated items. It has taken me several years and added shelves to come close to what I want. I am still working on it. There are so many more foods that I want to can and hope that I will be able to do that this year. I will be working part time instead of full. People look at me like I 'm nuts for having a food storage, but my husband was unemployed for five years and we lived off the pantry with only having to purchase a few items at the store. For some reason, people think if you are an at home wife /mother you must be lazy, but that is not the case. My best meals are when I am home and have time to prepare them :)

  2. 7thswan 21 months ago | reply

    Good for you mj! I don't know what is so strange to people about storing food. It's how it was done in the past,even my Mom used to only shop once a week. Now I guess people shop all week long. I do understand having food when your Dh was laid off.My Dh got injured at work and was off for a long time for 2 surgerys. No Lazy folks allowed!

  3. emma_rae_emma 20 months ago | reply

    WoW!!!! How amazingly beautiful....
    do you have a blog where you post your creations??

  4. terralee1@charter.net 20 months ago | reply

    You have such a wonderful pantry.!!! My only concern is that you don't have edges on your shelves in case of earthquake. Are you in an area that doesn't have earthquakes?

  5. 7thswan 20 months ago | reply

    No Blog sorry. I don't think there has ever been an earthquake that was noticable here. Thanks for the complements!

  6. kimnspokane 20 months ago | reply

    This is amazing.... I love canning I just put up 24 quarts of peaches, 12pints of beets (greens are in the freezer, and have a lot more to harvest and prep) I still need to do whole tomatoes(salsa,spaghetti sauce, juice), bread and butters pickles, peppers, chilies, tomotillos, I still have 3 beautiful butternut squash left from last year, I also grew potatoes, spaghetti squash, edamami, luffa sponges, and lots of herbs. I have a lot of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries canned, jammed and froze from June and July . We are just starting harvest here so Sept will be busy. Believe me I live in a small apartment and I have 5-shelf bookcases full of goodies. I love looking at it, and eating the fruits of my labor. (okay so does the family)Check out the book Fancy Pantry by Whitty.. thank you for being a part of this wonderful community.

  7. 7thswan 20 months ago | reply

    Thank You, I'm glad you are haveing a good year for canning.Our spring was bad for our fruit trees,no fruit on any of my trees except the Hazelnut. Cann as much as you can! You never know what next year might bring!

  8. canningconnie 20 months ago | reply

    I've learned one needs to pressure cann carrots, beets and other low acid vegetables. No short cuts. Since I don't have a pressure canner, I've used the hot pack hot water bath for 120 minutes on the carrots. Some of the seals have broken since the epic task done in mid August. An abundance of bell peppers will be helpful in making spaghetti sauce as i had a shortage last year. Our .onions had a soggy layer in the middle, much due to the strange weather in late June and July, What advice can you give on low acid vegetables? many thanks!

  9. 7thswan 20 months ago | reply

    Well,long ago I also canned low acid veggies in a water bath. But now I do them in a pressure canner,it takes less time and the reason we are supposed to get our low acid foods up to 240 degrees, is that it kills botulisum spores. Botulisum is a very potent poison and is deadly. So the best bet is to follow the current directons for food saftey,you can find info in the Ball Blue Book of canning. Don't be afraid of Pressure canning,just follow the directions to a T. I just got another canner for free,it was 75 cents at a grage sale. The man just threw it in bcause I bought 5 dollars worth of other stuff. You can probably find a good deal on one.Better to be Safe:-)

  10. tammiefleming 19 months ago | reply

    we have dug out and area about 12' X14' and shelved a can room/root cellar under our house in our crawl space...which is almost 5' high. . it has a dirt/gravel floor and hubby has built me shelves on 3 sides. I have used it for many years as I LOVE to can!!! there are no windows and with our ductwork running through there it stays an almost constant 50* and no windows. You are correct that food will last a LONG time if canned properly... we still have a few quart cans maybe 5 or 6 of green beans from 1989... we canned over 100 quart jars of green beans in a single day that year.... found them earlier this year when I was re-arranging and putting stuff back in chronological order. We ate a jar and they were as good tasting as the day we jarred them. I did however go a bit overboard last year on pickling hot banana peppers... we may never need any more of those babies.....lol.

  11. 7thswan 19 months ago | reply

    Good for you tammie! I used to live in a small log cabin,it even had a trap door in the floor leading down to a root cellar. That sure would be alot of work to dig out an area as big as your root cellar.This year my "overboard" item is Salsa. I probably still have a couple of hundred J. peppers on the plants and bushels of tomatoes comeing in. I can't just let it go to the chickens, It's one of the best Tomatoe crops I've ever had!

  12. WolfSilverOak 12 months ago | reply

    Your photo was stolen-


    Int's in the slideshow at the top.

  13. barbeesmail 10 months ago | reply

    I am in awe of your pantry. What is the shelf life on home canned foods?

  14. 7thswan 10 months ago | reply

    Canned food doesn't really have a shelf life, it is good as long as the seal is intact. Most people like to use it all up in one year,but do not have to do this. I cann extra-always- because one never knows when there will be crop failure, emergency,illness ect.Thank you for the complement!

  15. mystuart 8 months ago | reply

    Impressive indeed!

  16. 7thswan 8 months ago | reply

    Thank You! I'll be boxing up potatoes today, they are done drying up a bit before I pack them.

  17. crochetkim2 3 months ago | reply

    That is positively drool-worthy! :-)

  18. 7thswan 3 months ago | reply

    Thank You!

  19. famuzeta 2 months ago | reply

    How do you keep the squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, deer, etc. out of your garden?

  20. 7thswan 2 months ago | reply

    I have dogs, all the animals seem to stay away. I do now have a couple of rabbits that I'm going to have to trap. We used to have a great many feral cats, they kept the population down. Coons come in once in a while-but they go straight for the chickens,then we have to sit out during the night and shoot them.

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