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baduy man (1), Banten, Indonesia

Incredible as it may seem, but just 120km from the bustling metropolis of Jakarta live an ancient tribe of people who eschew the modern world entirely. They are the Amish of Indonesia and are known as the Badui (although they call themselves Kanekes). They number around 6,000.


The Badui are divided into two sub-groups; the Badui Dalam (Inner Badui), and the Badui Luar (Outer Badui). What are the taboos? Well virtually everything you can imagine: there are no vehicles of any type here or any machinery. There is no electricity and farming must be done without using irrigation. Houses have no water and bathing is done in the nearby stream. Education for children is banned. You can visit the Outer Badui villages after obtaining a permit and provided you go with a guide, but no foreigners are allowed to enter Inner Baduy, a sacred place, and home to a mountain which, if not looked after, will mean the end of the world…


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Taken on August 24, 2008