Rochester NY Alcoa Aluminum House
This house is located in Brighton, which is a suburb of Rochester, NY. It was designed by architect Charles Goodman and it is 1 of 23 homes that were built for Alcoa Aluminum's “Care-free Home” demonstration project.

It was built in 1957 by Fred P. DeBlase.

We moved in in June/07 and have spent many months working on the inside and outside of the house. The outside work consisted of removing old overgrown trees and shrubs and replanting all of the pods that surround the perimeter of the house. Luckily, the interior just needed a cleaning of all of the surfaces and the replacing of the carpeting. A couple of items that were left in the basement by previous owners were brought back up and installed, these were the telephone table and the hanging light that is in the living room. Both items were most likely not original but were added soon after. It appears that the only full remodel over the years was the kitchen (1980’s). We at least have all of the original metal upper cabinets that were taken out of the kitchen for they were installed in the storage area in the garage. It appears that the bathrooms are mostly original with just the addition of wallpaper and sink basins but it is hard to tell if that is the case. The carport was enclosed in the 1990's and although it alters the originality of the structure we are grateful for Rochester winters are very extreme!!!

Current/Future Plans: We have begun restoring the kitchen more to period and have removed the metal cabinets from the storage area and had them painted (lt blue) and installed them back in the kitchen. The interior side of the front and back doors were painted turquoise at some point so we are in the process of removing the paint and getting them back to the gold color. We are working on removing the stain that was applied to the exterior wood and getting it back to its original lighter color. The stain and the painting (brown) of the exterior was done in the 1980’s…….Hopefully in the next year or so we’ll return the exterior aluminum panels back to purple.

The original national sales brochure was handed down with the house and I have scanned and posted it too. On page 15 there is a listing of the locations of the 23 homes that were built.

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