37/52/2012 - No animals were harmed in this photo.

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    I'm not sure you can "dog shame" a dog with no conscience. However, I think she should have at least a little pang of regret over the numerous small critters (including 3 cats, a groundhog, a few chipmunks, and who knows what else) she has personally escorted to the great beyond.

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    1. meg price 30 months ago | reply

      Looks like she's ready to finish another cat off... My dad's old dog, Bede, a terrier type, once killed more than 30 "prize-winning" (they were taken to shows) guinea pigs at one go, he also somehow managed to take down a deer! Hunting is just in dogs' nature - though, I must admit I'm glad I don't have to worry with Barn!
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    2. Spud Dogs 30 months ago | reply

      one of my yorkies killed a little chick that i was raising... sad, but he just has extremely high prey drive. can't blame them for doing what they were born to do, it just taught me that i have to be extra careful with him around the little critters.

    3. mm.jane 30 months ago | reply

      oh my! well maybe it's quick and painless?
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    4. utski7 30 months ago | reply

      No shame here! Great photo! Hunting happens... my girl got a gooseling once on a leashed walk i never saw it next to the tree until Nadja had it, shook it and it was over before I could do command her to "leave it"... :(
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    5. Louise Lindsay 30 months ago | reply

      My Jake does the same- I do understand
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    6. Just Mom 30 months ago | reply

      LOL! Love her expression in this one!
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    7. sgv cats and dogs 30 months ago | reply

      This looks cruel to us, bus as you say, it's their instinct...

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    8. sgcallaway1994 30 months ago | reply

      I think Brock would do this too, but our fence prevents him from catching them. Instead they just hop around antagonizing him.

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    9. wolf shadow photography 30 months ago | reply

      Yes wolfcub kills these small animals too...great compo :-))

    10. ~Vianne~ 30 months ago | reply

      That's funny, my dog is afraid of my cats. Now that's dog shame! Great capture and expression

    11. Scoutdogs (Chris) 30 months ago | reply

      Oh Grimm, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Love the manic eye captured in this one :-)

    12. TylerFay 30 months ago | reply

      hahaha... "not sure you can "shame" a dog with no conscience" -- We should make a Malinois t-shirt out of this saying... LOVE IT! And Grimm... pssstt.... Spot loves stuffed animals too, with a passion. Love her facial expression here- hilarious! Seen in
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    13. nonbooty 30 months ago | reply

      We so should!

    14. Andromeda Honds 30 months ago | reply

      Would be extremely sad about the cats, but ditto can't blame her for acting on instinct. My first cats were actually killed by a dog (not mine), but I never blamed her either. My own elderly terrier beagle has killed about 3 rabbits, that was sad.

    15. bivoir 30 months ago | reply

      Yes I have the same problem with Lucy... Problem is I have over 30 Guinea Pigs and a Bunny that she wants to eat.

      She would like to feast on Cats which is partly my fault. But not totally my fault if the neighbours let their Cats roam free and they attempt to break into my Guinea Pig house... If 'accidentally' I let Lucy out at the exact time, she's in her own yard and can do what she wants.

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    16. pennydogaccessories 29 months ago | reply

      Yep, my very docile looking old gentleman has killed one of our pet chickens (and learned to climb a wall to do it) and a couple of baby rabbits out in the wild. He also attempted a Westie but thankfully the woman who owned the dog beat him up with her umbrella. He has also tasted two jack russells. Thankfully(?) the cats on our street are badass and he gets attacked by them instead!

    17. Sheribeari 29 months ago | reply

      my German Shepherd has good control over his mouth. he is a catch and release kinda guy. Catches a cat and just squeezes them in his mouth enough to make them squeal then lets them go.

    18. ♥♥ M ♥ ♥ merci à tous mes amis [deleted] 29 months ago | reply

      LOL ! Quelle expression !!

    19. patrick wilken 29 months ago | reply

      why should a dog feel shame? it's not a person. perhaps the owner should, but never the dog.

    20. nonbooty 29 months ago | reply

      The picture concept was just for fun. I don't expect that my dog should feel shame. Neither am I ashamed of my dog. She's definitely a source of pride and joy for me.

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