Travelling at Angkor
How did people travel and transport their belongings in medieval Cambodia?

The grey sandstone bas reliefs of Angkor Wat (dated ca. 1150 A.D.) and the Bayon (ca. 1200) are the best source of images of medieval Khmer modes of transportation.

In addition, there are some literary written descriptions, paramount among which is the travelogue of the Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan, who visited Angkor in 1296-1297. Zhou's account of his trip, which has been translated into English, includes some brief descriptions of means of transportation.

This set of pictures shows some of the options available to the Angkorian Khmer: walking, palanquin, litter, piggyback, oxcart, pushcarts, horseback, elephantback, chariot, boat. An option available only to gods and mythical heroes was that of riding on the back of a multi-headed serpent or other mythical being.
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