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Bea and I went on a Farm to Yarn tour of the Northeast Kingdom Saturday. I fell in love again with alpacas. Oh my. There was one in particular that was so sweet and spent her time sniffing gently the top of Bea's head. She was lovely. They were all recently shorn and the sweet one, Esther Rose, was an almost purple color with gray and cute brown polka dots. When we got home I went and looked up the farm and it turned out that Esther Rose is for sale... the nice lady at the farm told me that if you have alpacas it is best to have at least three because they are herd animals. She said that they have dedicated dung heaps and so you end up with your manure all in one place. Also, they have soft pads on the bottoms of their hooves and so they don't tear up the ground. They also don't pull out grass by the roots, they just trim it. Ah! The perfect beast! I started having alpaca fantasies. Again. She said on the amount of land we have available we could keep 6 or 7 comfortably. Oh, the gorgeous fiber! Roughly three pounds per animal! Excellent spinning! Then I took a good look at the price for Esther Rose.




Three zeros. THREE. So yeah, I think we're sticking with chickens for now...

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Taken on May 21, 2011