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Crested Bunting

Shot at Ranthambore


These are 6.5–7 in (16.5–17 cm); 0.63–0.88 oz (18–25 g). Sexes differ in color. Males are blackish with a prominent crest and rusty wings and tail, which is black-tipped; females are brown, crested, and have rusty edges to the wing and tail feathers. Juveniles are paler than females with thin streaks on the breast. They inhabit rocky, grassy hillsides with sparse shrubs and dry rice paddies in China. In southeast China they often nest in tea fields.Nesting takes place between April and August during the local wet season. The nest is a neat cup of woven grass placed on the ground under vegetation or a rock or in a crevice. They lay three to five eggs; no data on incubation and fledging. Both parents feed the young.

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Taken on April 4, 2010