Peter's walkabout
Following in the steps of the 2007 Marine Corp Marathon (almost) ...

I was amazed by Nancy, a co-worker at my last job, who completed a marathon - in Dublin, no less. At my current job, Rebecca, Hope, David, Jesse, Mark, John, Greg, Luke, Seth, Alex and Rex have all done it, some of them more than once! That in a company of less than 200 people.

With that as inspiration, I started training early this year but I couldn't meet my threshold of being able to run 10 miles by registration day in early May. After running just 5 miles, my ankles gave up.

If I couldn't run, I wondered if I could walk. My employer, The Motley Fool, encouraged us to wear pedometers in the two weeks leading up to the marathon so that was the final push I needed. So on Sunday 28-Oct-07, I walked.

[3May08: Update: I've registered for the 2008 marathon as have 4 others from the office!]
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