The Art Of Writing - Charles Snell 1712
The Art of Writing by Charles Snell - 1712 (copperplate, Italian hand, Secretary)

Snell was born in 1670, died in 1733. This book of his was published in 1712, having been engraved by George Bickham. Bickham commented on Snell's work in the introduction:

"the Originals of that BOOK were the Best I ever wrought after: And tho' I have for the most part, kept close to the Proportion of the Letter, yet I think it impossible for any Engraver to Reach that Delicay and Spirit, that is produced from the Freedom and Boldness of his Hand"

Snell was apprenticed as a boy to a writing master of no particular note, but through his tireless study and practise from engraved works of Louis Barbedor (the French writing master) he attained great skill.

Joseph Champion was a pupil of Snell.

Snell's work was greatly admired at the time.

Snell was also an expert accountant, bookeeper and arithmatician and taught those subjects as well as penmanship.

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