The Pen-man's paradis
John Seddon was born in 1644 and died the on 12th of April 1700 in the 56th year of his age.

He was hailed by contemporaries as being the greatest ornamental penman amongst the English and it was specifically in flourishing that he shone.

Although his education and early life is unknown, he became the master of John Johnson's free writing school in Priest's court, Foster Lane, Cheapside (in London) holding that post till he died.

He published several engraved books, the best known and best being [i]The Pen-man's Paradis[/i]. The Pen-man's paradis contains 34 plates + an engraving of Seddon himself and the main attraction of the work is the extraordinary flourished figures and flourished alphabets designed and made by Seddon.

When Seddon died, an epitaph written for him by a fellow penman went:

Princes by birth, and politics, bear sway,
But here lies on of more command than they ;
For they by steady councils rule a land,
But this is he, cou'd men, birds, beasts command
Ev'n by the gentle motion of his hand.
Then penmen weep, your mighty loss deplore,
Since the great Seddon, can command no more.

a megaupload of these is here:!PF1ChARC!H61QOnEieFUpPWsWJIA0JiInAltpWbvyTX9...
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