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366/365 Nightmare 365/365 I am. Definitely. 364/365 Page blanche 363/365 I hate house cleaning 362/365 High life 361/365 Tell me. Show me. 360/365 Just a question ? 359/365 I am definitely ... 358/365 Lack of concentration [Explored] 357/365 Sure I can cook ... 356/365 Pinned 355/365 what do I see ? 354/365 Inner silence 353/365 The Big Picture 352/365 Missin' U tonite 351/365 I'm an excellent driver, too    [Explored] 350/365 Dreamland II 349/365 I want you ... 348/365 I always follow the latest fashion trends 347/365 Wood

A self portrait a day for a year

Un autoportrait par jour pendant un an

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all_ophelia says:

your 365 is brilliant! love the concepts. how do you manage to come up with great idea everyday?
this is great.
Posted 84 months ago. ( permalink )

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bcud14 says:

Thank you for the comment !

Coming up with ideas is really not problem.
Not censuring them myself before they bloom into great ideas is the most difficult part :o)
... but everyday, I learn how to let them grow a little more, and have fun turning them into pictures
Posted 84 months ago. ( permalink )

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