Night Lights

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Everything that was happening at Trillium tonight came together to create a different kind of night shot from there.

The clouds were whizzing by in front of the mountain concealing it at times and showing it at others. The lights from the village of Government Camp were illuminating them to the left side and Timberline Lodge was lighting up the center. The clouds were low enough that they allowed the stars to be broadcast and smeared across the sky above the scene. The lake surface would get slight wind chop which didn't give a reflection so much as a subdued blurred foreground, almost a bokeh effect that is like a satin sheet that the scene is sitting on. As the shot was exposing I lightly painted the rocks in the foreground with my head lamp just enough to keep them from being silhouettes. The bushes and trees on the right even caught some of the light giving them definition.

The trip to the lake was an afterthought really as I had changed my mind twice about going up. Now I'm glad that I did. I feel so peaceful while I'm there at the lake waiting for the camera to do its job. This is a single 15 minute exposure.

Have a great weekend. :)

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  1. Gary Randall 33 months ago | reply

    Also the foreground was light painted.

  2. Jack Andreasen 33 months ago | reply

    That makes sense, as in most of my shooting, there is almost always some light pollution from somewhere and a lot of times there is enough cloud cover to make the light bounce.

    Did you have to correct sensor burn on that long of an exposure?

    I am experimenting with a program (acquired earlier today) for cleaning up digital noise that (so far) with existing images makes the noise reduction in lightroom look like a toy.

    It looks like I may get a chance to go out and shoot some stars tonight. For the moment, the sky is clear (That could change at any time, especially if the fog rolls in). I am going to take some shots at higher ISO's with a shorter exposure time (to avoid tracking) (Using Ben's advice)..................We'll see what happens! I'm out of here!

  3. Gary Randall 33 months ago | reply

    My D90 hasn't given me any sensor burn in any of my shots. I just shot a 30 minute exposure tonight and there is no sensor burn. :) My D40x and my D60 both would get sensor burn at only about 5 minutes. :( This D90 is an awesome camera.

  4. minxslp 33 months ago | reply

    Stunning capture, my friend, as usual its breathtaking!

  5. Jack Andreasen 33 months ago | reply

    That's about where I get sensor burn with my D3000. I want a D 90 too!

  6. ...Kush... 33 months ago | reply

    amazing shot gary...

    i was scared to trying a really long exposure on the d90...but i guess i will have to give it a shot mate

  7. Osama Moh 33 months ago | reply

    what a beautiful photo ! it looks in dreams ! well done Gary

  8. Fajita 33 months ago | reply

    excellent work and fun image.

  9. Justin Smith - Photography 33 months ago | reply

    Everything came together perfectly here. I'm always amazed by the way the higher end Nikons like the D90 can capture a 15-minute exposure like this with so little noise.

  10. Erroba 32 months ago | reply

    Completely fab !

  11. ~ jules ~ 31 months ago | reply

    Blimey this is a little bit nice. Beautiful star trails and lighting.

  12. rw260 30 months ago | reply

    Great Shot !

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