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The South Side of The Mountain

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake.


This is Mount Hood's south side. It's really the only side that isn't the perfect conical volcano shape. The south side is actually affected more by the violent affects of an active volcano. The crater is on this side and previous eruptions have sent material in this direction. The little village of Government Camp is located just below the tree level right in the way of any future course of eruption.


Of course several rivers that flow from Mount Hood would be affected as well. Many people live along these rivers... including me as I live along the upper Sandy River. I always think of the Toutle River and the eruption of Mount St Helens and how it became a wall of mud and debris wiping out everything in it's path, including old growth Douglas fir trees, rocks the size of houses - house and bridges as well.


Mount Hood is the most monitored volcano in the world, mostly due to it's proximity to Portland and relatively easy access to all points on the mountain. I'm confident that those of us that live in her foothills will have ample time to evacuate if she ever decides to blow her top like her sister St. Helens did. After all, I'm no Harry Truman. : )

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Taken on July 15, 2010