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The Day Job | by Señor Codo
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The Day Job

When I am old and withered and have no money and my country has kicked me to the curb because they think that socialism is an evil thing akin to terrorism at least I will have my old job. Until then I've got my cans to keep me warm.


Speaking of socialism why is it always equated with communism. For all practical purposes we basically have two party system which is one more than communism. In a land of endless choice in everything from maxi-pads to mustard why do we only really allow two parties to choose from. The answer is because if there are only two parties you have a 50% chance of loosing. If there are 3 parties you only have only a 33% chance of winning. Now would you really want change if it meant you were decreasing your chances of winning. Of course not and until we have more choice in politicians and less in mustard and maxi-pads your not going to see much change but you will hear a lot about it.

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Taken on January 1, 2000