City of London ~ Its been a Hard Day's Work...~

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London | Architecture | Night Photography

It was a nice summer day in the City, so everyone was happy to leave work...;-}

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The City of London is a geographically small city within Greater London in England. It is the historic core of London around which, along with Southwark and then Westminster, the modern conurbation grew. The City’s boundaries have remained almost constant since the Middle Ages, and hence it is now only a tiny part of the much larger London metropolis. It is often referred to as the City or the Square Mile, as it is just over one square mile (1.12 mile² / 2.90 km²)[1] in area. These terms are also often used as metonyms for the United Kingdom's financial services industry, which is based here.

In the medieval period, the City was the full extent of London. The term London now refers to a much larger conurbation containing both the City of London itself, as well as the 32 'London boroughs', constituting Greater London. The City is today a major business and financial centre, ranking on a par with New York City as the leading centre of global finance;[2] in the 19th Century, the City served as the world's primary business centre.[3] The City has a resident population of under 10,000, whilst it employs 340,000 professional workers, mainly in the financial sector, making the area's transport system extremely busy during peak times.

The City is not one of the 32 London boroughs. It is governed by the City of London Corporation, which has some unusual responsibilities for a local authority, such as being the police authority for the City. It also has responsibilities and ownerships beyond the City's boundaries.

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City of London ~ Its been a Hard Day's Work...~

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  1. hiskinho 57 months ago | reply

    Bonito encuadre!

  2. Takahiro Yamamoto 57 months ago | reply

    I like the way you have captured the walkers by the low perspective. Interesting shot!

  3. Chuck Cutler 57 months ago | reply

    Very cool shot, well done! I love the color saturation

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. Sorin Petri [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

    Nice urban presentation, nice angle

  5. kees straver (will be back online soon friends) 57 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot. Love your perspective

  6. B A Moir 57 months ago | reply

    Fabulous really admire your work.

  7. Monbetsu Hokkaido 57 months ago | reply

    Love this tilt & title.

  8. 昶銓 57 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, the cloud reflections in the building!

  9. thaitatin 57 months ago | reply

    Wonderful capture!

  10. DyMi 57 months ago | reply

    nice angle!!! great shot!!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  11. irvo. 57 months ago | reply

    My husband is always happy to leave work, nice or bad weather ;-))

  12. MadonnaJ 57 months ago | reply

    Excellent capture !
    Very interesting information !!!!!!!!

  13. IMAGES FROM MAN. 56 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cloudscapes - competition open., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. Odd :-) 56 months ago | reply

    Thanks For Sharing this Wonderful Image
    Seen in Cloudscapes.:


    Please tag your photo: Cloudscapes

  15. IMAGES FROM MAN. 56 months ago | reply

    Thanks For Sharing this Wonderful Image
    Seen in Cloudscapes.:


    Please tag your photo: Cloudscapes

  16. 郭小敏 49 months ago | reply

    can i use this picture for the blog?this blog is about the book...

  17. Marc Clint 39 months ago | reply

    Invitation to join the group:-

    Street Photography - Image of People

    David Gutierrez .. for all reasons: .. excellent images across your gallery

  18. Marc Clint 39 months ago | reply

    David Gutierrez .. Thank you for sending to the group.
    Your participation is always welcome ..

  19. alexxsaanchez 39 months ago | reply

    very very impressive i love it!

  20. Marthin Sühl 23 months ago | reply

    Using deep of field with the boulding in the background maximizing the hole feeld of view.
    And smart idea to use the people in the picture to get an wave of lifeless to it all.

    Great work, you made my day!

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