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el Avispon Rojo | by Pupato
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el Avispon Rojo



A simple, classic Golden Age character this week, to avoid too much Batshit Burnout. That said, this guy’s not without his very own whiff of Chiroptera cack:


“The Red Bee's secret identity is Rick Raleigh, assistant district attorney in Superior City, Oregon. His superhero modus operandi is to put on a red and yellow costume and, with his trained bees and "stinger gun," fight Nazis and gangsters.”


I like that he lives in Oregon. I like that Nazis and gangsters are considered interchangeable. I like that he has a “stinger gun” – presumably he doesn’t die every time he uses it a lá his chosen namesake – and above all I like that his Super Power is the enslavement and reckless endangerment of innocent Apoideans.


“His favorite bee is named Michael and lives inside his belt buckle for use in special circumstances; the feature's writer was presumably unaware that male bees do not sting at all.”


Ahhhh, Wikipedia snark. The best snark of all. The full entry is HERE.


So there you have it. A gender-confused bugnut who keeps his diminutive Best Friend inside his – hahahah – belt buckle, and styles himself after a waggle-dancing flower-bothering supermatriarchical gestalt. I think we can safely assume the poor chap has Issues.


Note that DC have already done the obvious and reinvented him – via his grandniece – as a superheroine with, apparently, “a mechanized battle suit and two robotic bees that can fire electricity.” That is NOT the character we’re playing with, and I shall consider it an act of Urethral-Maggot-Baiting laziness if you take inspiration from the SheBee instead of the HeBee.




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Taken on October 27, 2011