Gray / grey / Brown / Tufted titmouse / bird / birds / on a red wire - / red / Brown /: tufted-02

Gray / grey / Brown / tufted Titmouse ( a small bird ) on a red wire / bird / birds / - 1988: Trying to save a fading/dying negative......

I shot this in an outdoor studio. The bird is wild and I spread sunflower seed at the bottom of frame to bring the bird into the shot. The background is a white seamless paper. The wire is a coat-hanger wire, painted red for the picture and clamped from the top. Speedotron 800WS strobe, a soft box (front) and another light to wash-out the white BG.

The sound of the camera (shutter) scared the bird. As it was flying away, the strobe hit and froze it in action (1/400sec.) Mamiya RB 67, 250mm lens and kodak VPS 6006 color negative film. Scanned using Polaroid/Microtek SprintScan 120.


Gray / Brown / Tufted titmouse / bird / on a red wire


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Taken on January 4, 2009