Blink 182 in Liverpool

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    1. Nomadic Lass [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      These are SO fun to see, Sam! I'm debating whether or not to take my phone (and hence camera!) to a concert in a few weeks....regular cameras never seem to be allowed at US venues...

    2. tofu_catgirl 56 months ago | reply

      Nomadic Lass - Really? I always see people with DSLR's when I watch WWE, which really annoys me as I always get told off at WWE events for taking pics. Nearly had my camera confiscated a few times - they took the battery instead. I think this day in age they can't stop you taking your phone and camera. I'd still take them (your little canon anyway) but put it in your pocket if you take a bag. They always do bag searches here guessing the same in the US. That way your camera is not in the bag. What phone do you have? I have the 4s, and for video it's great but not so much on the pics. I'm sure we have the same p&s - might be worth buying a spare battery from ebay. The video option on it really burns through battery. I had to swap batteries half way through. I got one of those cheap batteries and it's great - no problems.
      Have you seen these guys before? Before going I'd heard really good things about them and I'm so glad it was all true! :D

    3. Nomadic Lass [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      tofu_catgirl Unless things have changed, DSLR's are allowed at our sporting venues (at least I used to take my SLR years ago to pro baseball and basketball games). Don't know why they seem to have a problem with it at concerts, but many times they do.

      I was a chicken and ended up just taking my 4s, but it was probably a good thing. They were REALLY strict with security and even questioned my son's phone in his pocket. There was also an amazing events/security guy that had us move to better seats (we had speakers blocking our view), and he stood nearby the whole time. Would have hated to have ticked him off by sneaking in a P&S. LOL

      Sadly, I haven't seen Blink 182 in concert and...if you don't count the Bryan Adams concert I saw WAY back in the day...this was my first real rock concert. ROFL

    4. tofu_catgirl 56 months ago | reply

      Nomadic Lass - That's great about getting moved to better seats but yeah you wouldn't want to offend the guy who helped you get them seats. It's so odd the way they're so strict. I love it at concerts now when all you can see are the screens lit up of cameras and phones as people record the event. I aways try to take a picture of it but it never comes out like I want.
      lol about Bryan Adams, I personally like his music but it's not something I can listen to all the time. He's got a lot of haters though hasn't he!

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