The challenge begins day 1/5 [ Way over 6,500 Views thanks everyone ]

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    Ok here we go no flowers for a week …...I know there are alot of you laughing ….Hmmmm Sam ,hey Sam I want to see a flower …..,Kim heheheh come on guys this will be hard ……. well day 1/5 of the no flower challenge for 5 days enjoy all ......Happy Ben smart ass this is going to make your week :))
    Peter i expect a flower tooo with that new lens :-)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
    Clarinet Jokes
    How many clarinetists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Only one, but he'll go through a whole box of bulbs before he finds just the right one.
    What's the definition of "nerd?"
    Someone who owns his own alto clarinet.
    What do you call a bass clarinetist with half a brain?

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
    If I have inpired anyone you can jump on an play just drop Poketypatch a note she will add you to the list with all the others...

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    1. Nina Matthews Photography 79 months ago | reply

      Thanks Elisa for passing in cheers

      Hahahahah Ben
      OooooooooOH ok as luck would have it I am not putting up CATS , DOGS or BABIES woooohooo but you might laugh here and there well I hope :))
      I am going to do6 day so the lemon and orange was included just for you ...thats the limit for now Bennnn :P

    2. peter_brock 79 months ago | reply

      Glad you liked my shot and processing. I think I might permanently switch to doing floral shots so maybe I could go 7 days ;-))

    3. Nina Matthews Photography 79 months ago | reply

      Do it Peter dare you :)) Cya ya 2morrow

    4. *c h r i s* 79 months ago | reply

      great shot .. and good luck with your challenge !

    5. Dragan* 79 months ago | reply

      I think, I need some lessons!

    6. Saint Claire Studio 79 months ago | reply

      Lovely - a musical start to the challenge week! And first in the pool! I don't get the clarinet jokes... *~* Is something wrong with me? Well, I mean, you know...

    7. Saint Claire Studio 79 months ago | reply

      Hey, maybe we could sponsor a 'no half dressed women' week, since we're poking fun at flickr's predominant sorts of shots...?

    8. aussiegall 79 months ago | reply

      I see you have taken up the challenge Nina, love this, Great tones and composition

    9. Rick Elkins 79 months ago | reply

      Doing without flowers is creating great results, I love the tones and composition here!

    10. Nina Matthews Photography 79 months ago | reply

      Hey Chris thanks
      Hey Dragan me tooo
      HEy Gensky nah they are pretty lame jokes ...
      Hey lou I want a macro lens I want it this week .....
      Hey Rick what are you trying to tell me ...Hheheheh
      Thanks all stay tuned for more .....

    11. Rick Elkins 79 months ago | reply

      Just saying that sometimes working in a new area inspires new creativity, as has happened here! :-)

    12. pareeerica 79 months ago | reply

      Very cool image. I actually posted a flower today & I don't do that too often! Music is a great choice of subject! :)

    13. ~ C-L-K ~ 79 months ago | reply

      Love the tones and the wonderful focus on the sheet music!

    14. blamstur 79 months ago | reply

      You're doing ok so far. Nice shot of the clarinet. I used to play in high school but since I am pretty much tone deaf, it never went beyond that. I can hear many people breathing a sigh of relief.

    15. Nina Matthews Photography 79 months ago | reply

      Hey Rick thanks
      PAree yeah I checked it out sick indeed !!
      Thanks C_L_K
      thanks Blamstur I am the same I think :)) actuallly I know heheheh
      thanks all

    16. EmRe85 79 months ago | reply

      Nice Composition...Well Done...

    17. REECE JUSTIN 79 months ago | reply

      i love your ideas! very nice work :)

    18. Nina Matthews Photography 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks all I am a bit Zany at timessssssss

    19. nancybl 26 months ago | reply

      Hi Nina,

      I love this picture! I used it to illustrate a blog post of mine.

      In case you'd like to see the post:

      Nancy Loderick's Blog: The power of music.

      I gave you credit for the picture and provided a link back to your Flickr photostream.


    20. Nina Matthews Photography 25 months ago | reply

      [ Way over 5,500 Views thanks everyone ]

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