Apple Ipod [ Over 4,700 Views Woah ]

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    1. Nina Matthews Photography 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks All I thought it was creative ! too I am so glad you all like it you are all to funny , granny smiths , playlists grapefruit OMG too funny have a great day later all !!!

    2. -_GiovaS_- 58 months ago | reply

      hahahahahahah this photo is awesome.....
      so creative!!!! i love your ipod!!!...and of course is
      The only problem (I think) is that u´ll eat it after 2 or 3 days :S
      Sweet music 4 sweet friends...nice to have u as friend and 4 sharing me your photos!

    3. Still Pond Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Can I give this to my 12 yo - he went to the beach with friends last weekend and jumped in the ocean with his IPOD touch i his pocket - needless to say it was fried - now he has the original ipod shuffle that we purchased years ago - hard lesson to learn!

    4. ccz2 57 months ago | reply

      Cool Idea!

    5. Nina Matthews Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks soo much I am glad your all better now :))
      hahahhah !!
      Why thank you :))

    6. toM-bYrN3 53 months ago | reply

      Wow! Thats a really well done image! It looks as if you'd actually pushed the headphone jack into the apple (i'm assuming you didn't though!)

      Nice work :)

    7. Nina Matthews Photography 52 months ago | reply

      Caitlin thanks so very much I have printed it out what a nerd but hey its cool thanks for letting me know cheers
      its means the world to meeeee thanks

    8. MissInterprets [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      Awesome... : D

    9. Firimeeha 52 months ago | reply

      my bro did took such a photo years back.
      apple ipod 160giga "bites"

    10. Nina Matthews Photography 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing how very kind of you ....
      You know its Awesome I looooooooove it Fabulous
      and creative tooooo :))

    11. Nina Matthews Photography 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks all for your cool comments !!
      Always push your boundaries
      especially with photography
      the opporitunities are endless
      And the mind is divine !!

    12. Nina Matthews Photography 52 months ago | reply

      This is a coool idea to do
      its callled noticings
      its looks great me its a bit scary people could track you down for sure ...

      Ahh click on the link and find out what I am on about !!!

    13. Nina Matthews Photography 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks for letting me know !

    14. Nicolas Blain 42 months ago | reply

      Creative picture, great work !

    15. Momentummm 39 months ago | reply

      Very cool and creative. Also nice colors, the muted effect adds something nice.

    16. 33 months ago | reply

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    17. Nina Matthews Photography 3 months ago | reply

      Hello everyone thanks for sharing the links and photos much appreciated [ Over 4,700 Views Woah ] You can find me on fb and redbubble too ta :) Happpy new year .

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