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All will come to pass...

Took this long exposure shot, shortly as twilight approaches Rome.


All the while, I thought I heard the musical scoring of the 2000 Gladiator Movie with Russel Crowe. Well, for that movie -- the plot is fictional, but some of the characters are not. Emperor Aurelius was real. His son(the main villain of the movie) Commodus, was also real. In real life, Commodus became emperor and also played as gladiator -- he selected weak and disabled opponents, and he always won. Sometimes, he would bring in injured people which he clubbed to death in the arena. Though the movie showed his death in the hands of Maximus(the movie's leading character - Russel Crowe), in actual life, it never happened. Instead, he was assassinated by poisoning, as people and the Senate had despised him.


Well, if there's one thing that's clear -- days can come and go. So are empires and emperors. And for now -- twilight is coming, and so is the passing of daylight.


The Colosseum

Rome, Italy

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Taken on April 1, 2009