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Left to Right : Firefly, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Beachead.


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The GIJOE universe featured an American special forces team working against an organized terrorist organization known as Cobra. Firefly worked for the Cobra organization, a trained ninja and a bomb/detonation weapons specialist, he is the official cobra saboteur. Storm Shadow is Snake Eyes' half-brother, and at one time, trained together. Storm shadow at one time worked for the Cobra terrorist organization. Both are black belts in several martial arts. Snake-eyes is designated as a commando working for the GIJOE team, while Storm Shadow switched loyalties(and costumes) for the duration of the comic series. They both have the same personal mission though, to find their uncle's murderer. Beachead is the most formidable ranger of the Special forces team and on several occasions, worked with snake-eyes in important missions.




If you're a kid in the late 1980's, these faces could be quite familiar to you. All the names are trademarks -- from the GIJOE fictional cartoon movies/series. Back then it costs just 60 pesos(slightly under 2 USD). Now, they're back, and it costs ranging from 400 pesos to over a thousand. Some older figures(and even newer ones), can cost to as much as 30,000 pesos in ebay. There's a stir on this again, as a movie will come out in the late 2009.


These four characters were my favorite. I was never able to buy the two before, either I didn't have the money or they were scarce. Even so, when I did manage to get one, it was so difficult since 60 pesos before was so hard to save out of your allowance.


Just a little fun shot at my office table.


What's interesting -- if you don't know them, either you're too old, or you're too young -- or you're a girl.

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