Panama Canal Cruise Highlights
The pictures here are from a cruise aboard the Holland America MS Amsterdam cruise ship as it sailed from San Diego on 12/8/14, stopping along the way at Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) on 12/11/14, Huatulco (Mexico) on 12/13/14, Puerto Quetzal (Guatamala) on 12/14/14, Puerto Corinto (Nicaragua) on 12/15/14, Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica) on 12/16/14, then passing through the Panama Canal on 12/18/14, to Cartagena (Columbia) on 12/19/14, and to the destination at Fort Lauderdale on 12/22/14. Although Fort Lauderdale was our final destination from where we either returned to our respective residences or had other travel arrangements, the Panama Canal Cruise was just a segment of a grand world tour for the MS Amsterdam. Aboard ship we had met passengers who had embarked on their cruise at other ports before it arrived at San Diego and others who will remain on the ship beyond Fort Lauderdale.

The cruise package was sponsored through the Sunnyvale Senior Center with Donna serving as our Travel Escort. We were joined by another contingent of friends who had signed on for the trip through their association with Donna who had also served as a line dancing instructor. The pictures in this set include selected highlights of scenes aboard ship and from the shore excursions that we had taken.
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