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this little lot or a smartphone? its a no brainer!


i've been thinking about today's picture all day today, i couldn't get past the idea of old & new. my first idea was a blu ray sat on top of a VHS next to an ipod sat on top of a walkman next to a halogen maglite next to a LED torch. I settled on this one, its old and new but in a different way.


everything that's here (bar the bank card) has been replaced by my phone. train tickets - email confirmation for pre booked tickets & some routes you get a barcode to flash to the conductor (i refuse to call them train managers!), map & compass - google navigation & GPS, calculator - realcalc app, ipod - android music player, address book - google contacts, camcorder & camera - built in 8 mpx camera & 1080 camcorder, memory stick - 16gb built in + google docs cloud storage, spirit level - accelerometers & spirit level app.


as for the bank card, i bet by the end of the year you'll be able to use yer mobile to buy stuff, maybe not using NFC but definitely with the phone.


back in the day (pre android) you used to have to lug all this about, now i just need my skinny ass smartphone. good work technology, 9 times out of 10 you make the world a better place.


camera sat on tripod, flash manually fired at ceiling on 1/2 power during 4 second exposure. no mauling in software, just resized in photochop

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Taken on February 22, 2012