• E's drawing of an orca based on Native American icons.

Orchid the Orca goes to Washington...

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Orchid the Orca (aka Killer Whale), together with other two of my softies, will go to Seattle for Schmancy's Plush You! event taking place in August. Many softies will be on display and for sale in that beautiful city this summer. Make sure to put it in your calendar.



"Orcas live in small pods of 6-40 whales; they are very social animals. The bonds between the close-knit members of Orca pods are strong and last for life. The members of a pod hunt together in a very sophisticated manner, attacking even very large prey and then sharing it. The pod members protect the young, the sick and the injured." Enchantedlearning.com

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  1. joleenieweenie ages ago | reply

    how wonderful this is!

  2. Marta Mendes ages ago | reply

    absolutely amazing!!!

  3. Katey Nicosia ages ago | reply

    you're my hero.

  4. -sarah-m ages ago | reply

    this is fantastic!

  5. joymadison ages ago | reply

    what a sweet one! I'll try to come visit you in August. I live in Seattle.

  6. bellablue 114 months ago | reply

    This is great... inspiring in fact.

  7. StellaTex 87 months ago | reply

    This is great! Please consider adding this to Drawings of Whales!

  8. schoschie 62 months ago | reply

    That is very sweet.

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